MTC’s Hostile Takeover of ABAG – Update​

MTC, the Region’s transportation planning agency, is now well along in its campaign to take over ABAG, the Region’s land use planning agency. This, despite the fact that MTC has long failed to carry out its regional transportation planning responsibilities in an effective manner. For more information about MTC’s failures to take advantage of important improvement opportunities and its habit of wasting billions of dollars on over-priced, ill-conceived pet projects of little or no benefit to the Region, go to this report and scroll down to Page 6 “3. Legacy of Wasteful and Counter-Productive Projects”.

So far, the incessant lobbying of a handful of MTC Board members and MTC-dominated ABAG Board members have been enough to stave off criticisms of MTC’s crude attempt to blame its own failings on ABAG as a pretext for taking over regional land use planning. However the opposition to its blind and short-sighted power grab is growing. People are asking why MTC should be trusted to do any better in its expanded role than it has for the last 25 years in its current role.

The results are not yet all in. We have reason to believe that the State Legislature is skeptical of MTC’s self-aggrandizing enlargement plans, and that’s putting it politely. If MTC’s recent antics concern you, please write your state legislative representatives and get in contact with BATWG. Some interesting new developments are in the works.