BATWG’s Program for 2017

1.)  Oakland – Become more involved in rail and highway freight movement.   Continue to focus on Oakland’s lack of traffic signal synchronization, Oakland’s highly deficient street rebuilding program  and Oakland’s costly and often counterproductive street “improvement” programs.  Identify one-way streets that could be returned to two-way traffic.  (All)

2.)  San Francisco –  Support SaveMuni in its attempts to accelerate the construction of the downtown Caltrain extension.   Continue to oppose ill-conceived and wasteful pet projects.  Continue to advocate for improved public transit in San Francisco.  (Cauthen/Feinbaum)

3.)  AC Transit – Continue to demand that AC Transit streamline its disorganized bus routing, especially in downtown Oakland.  Stress the need for AC Transit to at least double its overall ridership and at least quadruple its transbay ridership.  Look for ways to render AC Transit more useful and attractive to more people.   (Cauthen/Roy)

4.)  Southeast Bay Area – Continue to oppose the East-West connector as currently configured.  Oppose Caltrans’ plan to gradually create a high-speed Highway 84 “shortcut” through Niles Canyon. Oppose the $3.3 + billion proposal to connect ACE to BART in east Livermore, but support upgrading ACE and extending a leg via a rebuilt or new Dumbarton rail bridge to San Francisco.   Seek ways of making Union City’s transit center truly transit-oriented. (Poehlmann)

5.)  Peninsula – Look for ways to at least double Caltrain’s ridership and to ensure that Caltrain has enough carrying capacity to meet demand.  Look for ways of making the SamTrans bus system more useful and attractive to more people. (DeSouza)

6.)  Contra Costa County –  Continue to oppose ill-conceived and wasteful transportation fund-raising measures such as the sales tax increase measure that went down to defeat on November 8, 2016.    (Schonbrunn/Bezis)

7.)  BART –  Closely monitor BART’s use of the $3.5  billion raised in the bond issue measure passed on November 8, 2016.  Insist that BART raise its operating standards, especially regarding the excessive noise levels on many platforms and inside BART trains.  Work toward a system that guarantees adequate transbay transit capacity without having to resort to such counterproductive measures as ripping out BART seats. (All)

8.)  Regional – Support cost-effective and practical short-term, mid-term and long-term solution to the Bay Area’s transbay capacity problem.    Since they invariably  induce more traffic, oppose highway expansion projects.  Support appropriate public transit, paratransit and privately-operated transit systems as required to create a more balanced mix of travel choices.