Oakland Streets Bad and Getting Worse

BATWG Position published in the Bay Area East Bay Times on May 21, 2016:

Part of what makes a city appealing to visitors, businesses and residents are well maintained and well-functioning streets and boulevards.

The city of Oakland, struggling to find its place in an affluent and dynamic Bay Area, is sadly lacking in this regard. Here are four examples of unsatisfactory street conditions of long standing that warrant attention and priority:

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DTX Coalition Blasts City Hall’s Rail Yards Study

On Tuesday, February 23, 2016, San Franciscans received their first look at City Hall’s heretofore secret RailYards Alternatives/I280 Boulevard Study (RAB). The revelations were eight months late in coming and yet still contained no engineering analysis, no traffic congestion figures and no cost estimates. In fact the presentation was limited to the same set of fanciful Mission Bay rearrangements that were floated by the Lee Administration early last year.

What was presented at the Potrero Hill Recreation Center last week was billed as concluding the first of a five-phase planning process that is expected to take at least “7 to 10 years”.

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