TAOSF Examines San Francisco’s Basic Transportation Problems


The Transportation Alliance of San Francisco (TAOSF) was  founded on  April  8, 2017.  The group is committed to the idea that to bring about needed transportation improvements it will be necessary to make fundamental changes in the way traffic congestion is handled in San Francisco and in how public transit services are dispensed in San Francisco.  There have been some improvements in some areas but much more needs to be done and the taxpayers and transit riding public of San Francisco deserve better than they’re currently receiving.

The TAOSF program (below) is reflective of much deliberation as well as feedback from numerous groups, Muni riders and other interested San Franciscans.  It was put together during the Summer and early Fall of 2017 and since updated several times.  It is worthy of serious consideration.   

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Bay Area Public Transit Systems

To encourage more transit use the non-automotive alternative must be fast, comfortable and efficient.  For this to happen the agencies listed below must coordinate their services for the benefit of Bay Area transit users.  Sometimes one hears from local officials that getting the agencies to work together is impossible.  BATWG rejects this defeatist idea.  Regionally coordinated transit services have been achieved elsewhere and can be done here as well.

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BATWG Opposes Regional Measure 3

In an economically dynamic region like the Bay Area the ability to get around is paramount.  Yet in recent years the movement of people and goods in this region has been slowing down.  The highway backups have been getting worse and the hours of delay longer.  Urban traffic congestion has been getting ever more constrictive.

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In the past 25 years there have been many opportunities to deal effectively with regional gridlock.  These opportunities have been largely ignored.  Instead, billions of dollars of scarce transportation resources have been lavished on backward-looking highway expansions and ill-conceived parochial and pet projects, mostly of small consequence.

Regional Measure 3 (RM3) will be on the June 5, 2018 ballot.  For the following reasons BATWG rejects RM3 as being just more of the same. Continue reading