BATWG’s Program for AC Transit

The following thoughts about AC Transit are based upon a letter sent to AC Transit on November 15, 2017

AC Transit vehicles should get transit-first priority treatment wherever and whenever needed to ensure that bus loads of riders don’t get bogged down in traffic congestion. In addition, certain other changes must be made to bring AC’s transbay ridership and total ridership up to par.

Serving the transit-dependent is important. But it’s not enough. Everyone including the poor would benefit if AC Transit rearranged itself in a manner designed to attract more drivers out of their cars and onto its buses, many of which run mostly empty most of the time. This means straighter, faster, more comfortable, more reliable and more frequent. service. It also requires a close look at mode.

What works best where? Is regular service always the best? How about service on demand? Or perhaps no service at all in some places. With the computer-dispatched services and private shuttle operations now on the scene, there are many new opportunities for both improving service and holding the line on costs.

Yes, it’s a tall order but the stakes are high.