Golden Gate Sleaze Awards

The Valley Link Project:  Who in their right mind would spend upwards of $3 billion to wind a second set of duplicative tracks through empty hills to make way for a second low ridership rail line?!

The East Dublin Parking Garage:  It would take 76 years to recover the investment.

SMART:  It currently costs SMART over $60 to provide a one-way ride on its system to a SMART rider, who pays back less of $4 of that amount at the farebox. The other $56 + is forked over by the hapless tax payers of Marin and Sonoma Counties.

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority’s (VTA’s) BART Phase II Project:  Four miles of gold-plated subway whose price has rocketed from $4.7 billion to an astonishing $9.15 billion.

The Muni Central Subway Project:  Oversold and Overpriced. It is now four years late and saddled with a $353 million unpaid debt.

The Link 21 Study:  Planners have spent 35 months and $42 million providing what? No one seems to know.


3 thoughts on “Golden Gate Sleaze Awards

    • good question…

      In past articles we’ve complimented Caltrain’s Baby Bullet initiative, the small but efficient Contra Costa County Transportation Authority staff, the old Transbay Terminal/DTX staff directed by Maria Ayerdi, BART’s DMU Extension to Antioch, SamTrans’s innovative plan to improve its service, the Golden Gate Transportation District’s all around effectiveness, and SMART’s recent upgrading of its management leadersh. We will try to include a laudatory update in a forthcoming newsletter. While there’s little to cheer about, we do try to identify and recognize the islands of rationality.


  1. VTA’s 4-station SJ BART extension project goes about 2 miles past SJ Diridon station paralleling Caltrain to the final Santa Clara station and BART yard adjacent to the existing ACE/Caltrain station there, and totals six (6) miles — not 4.


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