Regional Watchdog

In the Bay Area local and regional transportation and land use policies evolve continuously. These policies and their impact upon the region are usually discussed in public meetings convened by public agencies. Sometimes these meetings are adequately publicized and sometimes they aren’t. Certain public agencies are notorious for releasing only the rosiest of scenarios for public consumption.

By video-recording as many of these important public meetings as possible, videographer Ken Bukowski has devoted himself to making certain the public is given an opportunity to see what’s actually going on. To accomplish this Mr. Bukowski spends many hours a week carrying his recording equipment across the region to capture important meetings and events.

CameraManHis work is available on REGIONAL Video YouTube Channel and he can be contacted at or 510-305-0000.

Bukowski provides this important public service as an unpaid volunteer. He covers dozens of meetings each month, racking up significant travel expenses in the process. To upgrade his recording equipment he has recently purchased a new camera and assessories. And most of all, he puts in the time. You can support Mr. Bukowski by sending a donation of any amount to 1500 park avenue– 127 Emeryville, CA, 94608

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