Needed a Dumbarton Rail Crossing

Once in a while a project comes along that makes sense. A rebuilt rail bridge between Redwood City and Newark is such a project. It’s nice to hear that SamTrans, Facebook and some Peninsula cities are on board with the idea. Newark? Union City? Hayward? Fremont? San Lorenzo?, BART? ACTC?, MTC?

2 thoughts on “Needed a Dumbarton Rail Crossing

  1. After COVID hit, FB pulled their substantial pledge of financial capital support back to merely helping to complete the environmental work. Unless Samtrans and Plenary Group can find one or more new monied “partners” … the project will continue to languish as it has for the last 25 years of Samtrans ownership of the Redwood City to Newark rail corridor.


    • Like many projects, if it doesn’t have an articulate champion it tends to languish. Plus the Dumbarton Bridge has been actively opposed by AC Transit that saw it as competition, by MTC who just wasn’t interested, by Arthor Feinstein a know-it-all Sierra Clubber who didn’t want to be confused with facts, and Rebecca Kaplan, an Oakland political hack who unfortunately sat on and still sits on the ACTC Board.


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