DTX:  A Planner’s Playground

For several years, the California High Speed Rail Authority and Caltrain have been working on a Joint Operating and Maintenance Plan (JOMP.)

Thanks to the 6 years of unnecessary DTX delay and uncertainty caused by the Lee Administration, the SF Department of City Planning and the SFCounty Transportation Authority, the DTX Caltrain Extension probably didn’t get the JOMP attention it deserved.  Still, much of the work already accomplished by Caltrain and the HSRA should also apply to the Extension.

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With the recent restructuring of the DTX project administration, it was hoped that things would finally start moving again.  But the initial signs are not reassuring.  The original DTX EIR was completed and certified by all concerned in 2009.  The EIR Amendment, also completed and certified, has been in effect for over two years.  Yet, except for the attempt to add $2 to $3 billion to the cost of DTX by adding an unnecessary subway under Pennsylvania Avenue, things now are pretty much the same now as they were 11 years ago. And it has now been learned that the new DTX Administration’s top priority is to hire a consultant for $250,000 to determine…for the third time…whether or not the approved 3-track arrangement leading to the Sales Force Transit Center can safely be reduced to two.   It appears that those responsible for the six year delay that added hundreds of millions of dollars to the cost of the DTX project, are still at it.  Cost?  “Doesn’t matter”.  Shovel readiness?  “Why worry about that?”  “Just let us continue planning”.

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