SPECIAL BULLETIN: Avert I-580/I-680 Gridlock in the Tri-Valley

Livermore, Pleasanton and Dublin residents have until November 1st to protest the dumping of thousands more Central Valley “cut-through” commuters onto local streets.

(See: https://205managedlanes.com/ and https://dot.ca.gov/caltrans-near-me/district-10/district-10-current-projects/10-1h170.  The “Notice of Preparation” is found here: https://dot.ca.gov/-/media/dot-media/district-6/documents/d6-environmental-docs/10-1h170/10-1h170-nop-1021-a11y.pdf)

Caltrans has issued a “Notice of Preparation” of environmental reports for widening of the entire 15-mile length of I-205, from I-5 through Tracy to I-580, into an eight-lane freeway.  It now has six lanes.

Five westbound lanes presently narrow into the four westbound lanes of I-580 through congested Altamont Pass (three from I-205, two from I-580). This project would add a sixth lane funneling into Altamont Pass.  As I-580 through Altamont Pass would not be enlarged, the new traffic would seek alternatives via Altamont Pass Road, Patterson Pass Road, and Corral Hollow/Tesla Road and traverse Livermore and Pleasanton neighborhood streets to return to I-580 or to gain access I-680 or SR 84 (Vallecitos Road), which itself is planned to be widened to a four-lane expressway.

To compound the impending traffic tsunami, SR 120 will be widened into a six-lane freeway between I-5 and SR 99, adding more Lathrop and Manteca traffic to I-205.

A widened I-205 would dump thousands of additional cars onto Tri-Valley streets.  Why haven’t local politicians (e.g., Supervisors David Haubert and Nate Miley; Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore City Councils) alerted their constituents about the impacts of the impending project?  Perhaps it is because they will be out of office long before the voters of Tri-Valley feel its negative effects. Therefore, to fend off the destructive effects of the Caltrans plan, citizens must themselves be heard now. 

Comments are due by November 1st by email to scott.guidi@dot.ca.gov, or by mail to Scott Guidi, Caltrans, District 10, 1976 East Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Stockton, CA  95205.

BATWG also encourages citizens to contact local city councils to ask them to take positions on the I-205 expansion: cityclerk@cityoflivermore.netcitycouncil@cityofpleasantonca.govcouncil@dublin.ca.gov.

Special Note to the BART and CCJPA Boards, Directors Powers and Padgette and the Link 21 Team

Subject:  Golden Opportunity for Early Link 21 Action

The purpose of this letter is to ask that your two Boards and the Link 21 team become champions of linking the Salesforce Transit Center to Market Street and the Embarcadero Station via a subsurface moving-ramp pedestrian connection.

At the September 9, 2021 BART Board meeting your Link 21 Team made an excellent presentation outlining its progress to date. During the meeting there was much enthusiasm expressed by all concerned for developing a truly integrated rail and bus network such as those commonly found in other advanced countries.

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The Question is Why?

On May 26, 2021, a disgruntled Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) employee went on a shooting rampage at the agency’s main Guadalupe light rail yard, fatally striking nine co-workers with bullets before killing himself. There was and is universal agreement that this senseless slaughter of innocent people was horrifying and that every conceivable effort should be made to provide optimal care to the victims and their families.

But why, as a result, did the Authority shut down VTA light rail service for over three months?

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